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Contracted Dormitories

Halic University provides dormitory service to our students with the dormitories that are contracted. Please see below details.


This dormitory is an earthquake resistance building. All rooms of it includes kitcken, mini fridge, batroom, orthopaedic divan bed, desk, garderobe, hair dryerand wireless.

Dormitory bed capacity is 220 beds. There are social areas such as television halls, sports hall, study rooms, cafeteria, hobby kitchen, cinema hall, conference hall, karaoke room, hairdresser, masjid. There are laundry rooms, pressing rooms, bag drops, generator, reservoir, cleaning services, parking area and also guest-house

Kampus Evim Girl Dormitory is a living area having high level standarts and prepared for university students. Not only it is an accommodation, but also it provides a warm home environment with five star hotel comfort


Santral Girl Dormitory bed capacity is 244 beds. The rooms are available for 1-2-3-4-6 students. There are desk, garderobe, fridge, telephone, lcd/tv, bathroom in the rooms. Moreover; there are shared study room, computer room, sauna, solarium, cafeteria, cinema room, bag drops and laundry room. 24 hours security and internet access are served.


Piyalepark is a safe and hygienic place to go and be considered for the university and relative to their families.  PiyalePark Girls' Dormitory provides service in Beyoğlu, the heart of Istanbul.  As PiyalePark Girls' Dormitory, it can be suitable for education with suitable comfort, education areas, social areas, study areas, design areas, study halls.  We make our purchases in Istanbul to ensure that our guests benefit from its services. It is very easy to reach places related to our proximity to many universities, libraries, museums.   Affordable for students, safe for their families, utilitarian and one-of-a-kind.