Culture and Social Affairs


Student Clubs

Haliç Entrepreneurship and Marketing Club (HUGIP)
Public Relations and Communication
Volunteering Club
Entrepreneur Young Physiotherapists Club
Nutrition and Dietetics Club
Horse Riding
Translation Club
Children's Help and Support Club
Information and Technology Club
Psychology Club
Industrial Engineering Club
Mountaineering Club
Dance Club
Maritime and Rowing Club
Midwifery Club
Literature Club
Industrial Design Club
Business Informatics Club
Barrier-Free Golden Horn Club
Halic Genetics Club
Photography Club
Physical Education and Sports Club
Tourism and Gastronomy Club
Science Fiction And Fantasy Culture Club
Genckal Halic Club
Cinema Club
Firefly Club
Halic Innovation Club
Halic Animal Lovers Club
Freedom and Justice Club
Islamic Studies Club
Logistic club
Mechanical Engineering Club
Architecture Club
Fashion Club
Music Club
Archery Club
Construction Club
Management Information Systems Club
Political Science and International Relations Club
The Club of the Scientific Research Society in Medicine
Drama Club
Trabzonspor Fan Club
UltrAslan HALIC UNI Club
Innovative Development Academy
Medical Students Club