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Dining Hall - Cafeterias

In all campuses,  food service is carried out by our Department in accordance with the law numbered 2547.

  • It is ensured that the sitting plan, distribution, kitchen and warehouses related to the cafeteria are supervised and the troubles are eliminated,
  • Supervision of the relevant company

Currently, with A1 Catering AŞ Company in order to operate dining hall service, the new contract has been continued since November 2019. The company provides lunch to our administrative and academic staff in three campuses, 4 types per day.

Our dining hall is 870 square meters including 2 yellow areas, 2 green areas, 1 blue area, 1 pink area, 1 orange area, and a total seating area of 420 people. Accordingly, it includes hand washing, dish washing, food serving areas and external sections consisting of 1 room.

There are 90 square meter warehouse area, 15 square meter mini preparation section, 10 square meter personal dressing area, 15 square meter cleaning products room and 5 square meter waste water well.

Our dining hall is opened at 08.30 in the morning, the dishes coming at 09.00 are put on the counter [for warming] and salad bar preparation is done. The suitability, taste, flavor and visuality of the incoming meals are checked and made ready for service at 11.00 and this service continues until 14.30.


Our canteen and cafeteria operating in healthy and decent environments in our North and South Campuses; In addition to providing a balanced and healthy diet for our students without sacrificing service and quality assurance, it also offers our students the opportunity to rest in extra-curricular times.

  • Sarıyer Börekçisi
  • Subway
  • Marmaris Büfe
  • All Blue
  • Eslab Kahve
  • İstanbul Çiğ Köfte
  • Nur Gıda
  • Arka Sokak
  • Little Bitess
  • Konak Sulu Yemek
  • Nar Kantin (Şişhane)
  • Şehirli Pilav
  • Simitçi Dünyası Bistro Cafe Mu
  • Koridor Cafe