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Infirmary used to rest patients or keep them under surveillance, It is a health room with some medical equipment and first aid materials.

There is an infirmary service in two campuses of our university, one of our doctors, two nurses provides quality health services to our employees and students.

In addition to first aid and emergency services, preventive health services are meticulously and meticulously,

  • Fever, blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose measurement, wound and burn treatments, dressings, etc.
  • Prescription medication is applied,
  • In cases where continuous follow-up is required, patients (Diabetes, Hypertension etc.) are followed and treated, patient education is given.
  • In cases where first aid is required, first aid application is carried out by the infirmary doctor and nurses.
  • Employees are provided with hygiene, first aid, etc. issues are given by our education unit.
  • He is doing a health examination of the new employee.
  • Occupational accident reports are kept by our unit.