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Students with Disabilities Unit

Halic University Disabled Students Consulting and Coordination Unit aims to provide to disabled students equal opportunities in academic life, to make arrangements to prevent the difficulties and obstacles they face and and to support the development of their independence as individuals.

This unit works under Halic University Rectorship. It is found in paralel with regulations of Higher Education Institutions Disableds Consulting and Coordination. Since 2018, it carries on works by generating Halic University Disabled Students Unit Regulation.


Our aim is to determine and provide for the physical, psychological, accommodation and social needs of disabled students who are registered in Haliç University or will be newly registered while continuing their education.


Our target is to support disabled students in every way in line with their wishes and to become a university where all obstacles can be overcome. And another goal is to ensure that our disabled student unit is used actively.

Number of Disabled Students:

SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS / Sports Management Physically Disabled 49 1
CONSERVATORY/ Turkish Music Visually Disabled 78 1
CONSERVATORY/ Turkish Music Visually Disabled 80 1
CONSERVATORY/ Turkish Music Autism 49 1
CONSERVATORY / Opera Visually Disabled 50 1
CONSERVATORY / Opera Autism Unspecified 1
CONSERVATORY / Opera Autism 40 1
CONSERVATORY / Opera Autism Unspecified 1
CONSERVATORY / Opera Physically Disabled 92 1
(In a wheelchair)
CONSERVATORY / Turkish Music Spiritual, Mental 80 1
FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND LITERATURE/ Molecular Biology and Genetics Chronic Kidney Failure 60 1
FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT/ Management Turkish Physically 57 1
FACULTY OF FINE ARTS / Graphic Design/td> Physically (In a wheelchair) 90 1
FACULTY OF FINE ARTS / Graphic Design Crohn disease 90 1
  • Various studies have been conducted to provide psychological support for our disabled students during their adaptation period, in case they need.
  • Elevators have been accommodated to disabled students. ( interactive voice response, embossing buttons and disabled access ramp)
  • Disabled toilet was built at Şişhane Campus.
  • Disabled toilets in Sütlüce Campus have been adapted for new regulations.
  • Lecture notes are been presented as alternative forms.
  • Studies have been carried on problems of disabled students conveying directly and overcoming urgently by way of commissions.
  • Building of walking trails for visually disableds is continuing at our campuses.

Our Works for Our Disabled Students:

  • Informative brochures are being prepared about Disabled Students Unit.
  • By contacting the students, we inform about our unit, assemble meetings to be acquainted with our disabled students, establish commissions to overcome their problems.
  • By making meeting with competent authorities about problems faced by disabled students in the university, we have been carrying on a study for them.
  • Studies are determined according to students’ demands in comparison with studies in the past.
  • Disabled students unit has been established in the university referring to 11th article in regulations about disabled consulting and coordination of higher education institutions.